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Puppies from Litter “P” finished 7 weeks

kury Pablo_Picnic Pablo Paros_w_galopie Perro_z_bazin Picnic Pixel Porter_z_kotem Prada_Picnic Prada Praga TUS_7827

They are full of life, happy and curious. Cool communicate with the environment,are bold and confident, with interest respond to new tastes, smells and sounds. It’s like puppies present today and actgives reasonable hope that they will grow up with cool dogs, both in exterior as well as psychological and usefulness of hunting.

Today’s duck hunting

kaki_19_10 TUS_7613 TUS_7616 TUS_7618 TUS_7627

After six difficult weeks of motherhood. Hermine finally rested from the puppies. She has worked with passion and joy. It was evident after her that she needs to.

Today we had control of the Litter “P”

Paros_1 Paros_Picnic_Pixel_1 Paros Picnic_1 Picnic Pixel_1 Pixel_Paros

The international kennel club judge Miroslaw Olejnik stated in the inspection report:
“Puppies in a very good condition, with no apparent anatomical defects, color coat according to the standard of the breed of dogs. Puppies very well fed and very well promise to be.”
And the pictures show three dogs from the litter “P” that are still waiting for their new, loving owners.