About us

Since 23 years I am a hunter and I can not imagine carrying that passion without a dog. In my family home four-legged hunting companions were always all these years I had the opportunity to observe and hunt with dogs of various breeds – was an Irish setter, a former terriers, pointers, dachshund, Bavarian Mountain Hound, and was also the Basta … Mixed, in whose veins flowed the blood of terriers and Bavarian Mountain Hound – the greatest dog, with which I was already hunting. Unfortunately, two years ago while hunting her heart could not stand emotions left … And that Basta is a good spirit of my culture, both figuratively and literally – The Spirit Basta FCI (pl. Duch Basty FCI) …

The idea of Spionone Italiano instilled me friend, I began to carefully view the information about the breed, browse the web for images, analyze the pros and cons of this breed. Convinced me of a few issues – like dogs with a robust construction, versatile in terms of hunting (though not universal, as such I think it is …), able to work long and difficult conditions, with a strong psyche, but also a friendly character, willing to learn and above all, those that with the cooperation of man derive joy and satisfaction! And these are just rough Spinone Italiano.

In mid-2011, the famous German kennel of Anke Hoppe came to me Hera (Hermine of Pure Passion), was eight weeks, she was resolute and stood out among the litter of both strong build, as well as the psyche, it was impossible not to notice her ! Soon found itself in a herd, because then even in my house was Gabi – 3-year-old female BAVARIAN MOUNTAIN SCENTHOUND and Aron – five-year-old French-haired shepherd. Hera already have 12 weeks convinced me that I would benefit from it during hunting – began with an exemplary collar to the pen, and when he came contribution – crested pigeons first, and after a while the first autumn pheasants.

As a semi-rookie still showed me her skills working in the field, focused, passionate, wide-sist field, bravely searched every thicket – blackthorn cane, high dense grass was still working as a dog podsokoli under my Harris hawk. I was left alone to take care that the development went in this direction. Winter 2011/2012 it was also the time when the bitch has proven itself on the paint while searching boars. Although this test is also passed on the paint work with it rarely and only in the rim, mainly because of its safety. In the spring of 2012 without a problem passed field trials (91/100 points, diploma degrees), then I started to circulate in the exhibitions, and so far the results obtained confirm the great exterior lines, which comes from Hera.

Our ambition is to play a part in popularizing this is still a rare breed in Poland, the Polish convince hunters, but not just because Spinone Italiano is a fantastic companion for active people, the dogs with a very friendly, happy, willing to play, bestowal love their carers, ideally for children, as evidenced by reports of Hera and my 8-year-old daughter. We also would like to make Spinone Italiano are no longer a rarity in this country. We encourage everyone to get to know about this breed.

FCI Standard No. 165 (Spinone Italiano):